Benefits and Frequently Asked Questions


Where Will Snowmen be located?

They will be placed within the Borough of Stroudsburg for you to explore and find.

Why Snowmen?

Some towns depict animals, vintage cars, fairy tales and even birds. GO Collaborative studied what the area is known for, canoeing, hiking, fishing, camping, artists, off road adventures, swimming, sports and Snow! We agreed that this attraction should not offend children or make people feel uneasy. We are the only town that to date is featuring Snowmen. Who doesn’t like a snowmen? Snowmen are exciting to adults and children alike bringing fond memories of childlike play.

What ARE THEY made of?

To start we have constructed a three dimensional “iron” armature to fit structurally within the snowmen. The Snowmen spheres are made of EPSF = expanding polystyrene foam (this is totally recyclable) they are then coated with a recyclable rubber similar to Tuff Hyde. They are then painted by artists with water based paints and then coated with a soluble Anti-Graffiti paint. Our snowmen will not hurt our environment!

Who BENEFITS and How?

Merchants, Residents, community through increased traffic in the downtown area.

.How to Get involved?

Donate to support and have a part of the snowmen in town be a tax deductible contribution.

Revitalize Area.

When there is a destination theme for consumers, retail and photo opportunities people will come.

Artists involvement?

Artists can apply for a process of selection of their Snowmen design, applications for future upcoming snowmen downloadable PDF . (see artists section of website)

How can I get a snowmen of my own?

Once the total of 30 snowmen are achieved we will be holding an auction of snowmen to retire.

Why only 3 months?

To begin with the snowmen will be set up in the winter months to bring people into town during the slowest season. Pick a nice day and enjoy your snowmen hunt.